The River Dee Llangollen, looking down at the                                The Red Sky Oil on Canvas 2006
 Horseshoe Falls at Berwyn near Llangollen.Wales.                      20" X 16" Signed
A  22" X 16" Original in Oils dated 2008.                                            SALE PRICE £80
 Price £650.                                                                                              Signed by William Morris 1V of Ymwlch
Signed by William Morris 1V of Ymwlch.                                            Price includes P&P Insurance
 email at                                                      Note: awaiting new photo
 Payment with PayPal.
 Price includes P&P and insurance.                                                     Sale £80                                                      
 To find, take the road to the Sun Inn at Rhewl                                                                                           

Registered & Contact Address : Llangollen Art, 11 Bridge Street, Llangollen. Denbighshire. Wales. LL20 8PF

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